VMware Horizon View 7: Apply SSL Certificates [Part 2]

In Part 2 of this series I will be switching the Connection & Security Servers default SSL certificates to trusted SSL certificates. Once you obtain the replacement certificates the swap is very simple and easy! You can jump to Part 3 if you are just testing View in your environment and have no care if the certificate is valid.

Add SSL Cert fo View - 1 Untrusted Certificated

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Untrusted / Invalid Certificate:

Add SSL Cert fo View - 1 Bad Cert

On the View Administrator Console the Connection and Security Servers will have a red square stating it has a Invalid and Untrusted Certificate. To resolve this you will need to create a signed certificate from an internal or external CA. For your Connection Servers you can use a internal certificate but for Security Servers you need to use a outside trusted CA. I used StartSSL.com to create a wildcard certificate for my domain and will be using it. To read more about creating your certificates check out the VMware document: Scenarios for Setting Up SSL Certificates for View. It says for Horizon View 6 but it carries over to Horizon View 7.

Changing Certificate on Connection/Security Servers:

The process for updating the certificate is the same on the Connection and Security Servers. Once you have the certificate(s) we need to import into the Windows Certficiate store. Login to your Connection/Security Server,  open MMC.exe -> File -> Add/Remove Snap-in… -> Select Certificates -> Add:

Add SSL Cert fo View - 2 MMC Certificates

Select Computer Account then click Next:

Add SSL Cert fo View - 3 MMC Certificates Computer Account

Drill down to Certificates/Personal/Certificates. Under the Friendly Name column find the one that says vdm. Right click and go to Properties:

Add SSL Cert fo View - 4 - Properties

We are going to rename the friendly name. Add a -original to the end then click Apply/Ok:

Add SSL Cert fo View - 5 Rename Friendly Name

Now the Friendly Name is changed (vdm-original) right click in the white area, hover to All Tasks -> Import:

Add SSL Cert fo View - 6 Import Certificate

Go through the Import Wizard and import the certificate you wish to use. Ensure you check the box that says “Mark this key as exportable“. If that box is not checked then the certificate will not work.

Add SSL Cert fo View - 6-1 Mark Key as Exportable

Now the certificate is imported right click it and go to Properties:

Add SSL Cert fo View - 7 Properties on Imported Certificate

Change the friendly name to vdm then click Apply/Ok:

Add SSL Cert fo View - 8 Rename as VDM

You can restart the View services but I found it easier to just reboot the server and let everything come up clean.

Add SSL Cert fo View - 9 Restart Connection Server Service

Once rebooted and services are started open your browser and go to the Administrator Console. You will notice it is using the new certificate!

Add SSL Cert fo View - 10 Certificate is now Green

On the Dashboard screen both Connection Server/Security Server will no longer have a red square as the certificate is now valid:

Add SSL Cert fo View - 11 All Green Dashboard

Proceed to the next step:

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4 thoughts on “VMware Horizon View 7: Apply SSL Certificates [Part 2]”

  1. Thanks for the post, I have successfully configured the Connection Server (SSL Certificate) but I’ve failed to configure the Security one. Any idea?

  2. Hai ! I am already working on VMware Workstation, But the new applications of vmware horizon configuration by the connection server. But again and again some error for the connection server of failed and it’s configuration failed by the VMware SSL Certificates. How to rectify the solution?


  3. Hi I have upgraded the connection server 7.3 to 7.7 but first connection server is all looks good . replica server after upgrading to 7.7 getting ssl error in view admin dashboard. i just login the replication server changed friendly name vdm from the *.abc.com wieldcord to local server name CSserer02 . after that dashboad is all green . in his case how can i set it back to friendly name vdm to *.abc.com ?


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