VMware Horizon View 7: Setup Remote Access through Security Server [Part 5]

Part 5 of the series will be configuring the environment so Horizon View can be accessed remotely. There are some ports that need to be opened up on your firewall to the Security Server. As every environment is different I will show how my environment looks so you can mirror it.

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Firewall Rules:

You need to have ports 443 (HTTPS), 8443 (Blast for HTML access), and 4172 (PCoIP) open externally for your Security Server.

Firewall Ports for View Security Server

Note: If your Security Server is in the DMZ use this VMware KB to open additional ports from your Security Server to your core network: VMware KB 1027217 – VMware View ports and network connectivity requirements 

I use pfSense as my firewall and have ports 443, 4172 and 8443 port forwarded to my security server.

pfSense - Horizon View Port Forward NAT

Edit Security/Connection External URL:

Now the ports are opened we need to configure the external settings on both Security and Connection Servers. In the Administrator Console, drill down to View Configuration -> Servers -> Security Servers tab, select the server then click Edit:

Horizon View 7 - 1 Edit Security Server

Change the fields to your external DNS name and external IP address. Ensure the :PORT is left on there. Click Ok:

Horizon View 7 - 2 Edit Security Server Settings

We need to do the same thing on the Connection Server:

Horizon View 7 - 3 Connection Server Edit

The Connection Server needs to mirror its Security Server. Click OK:

Read more about the External URLs in the Horizon 7 Deployment Guide

Horizon View 7 - 4 Edit Connection Server

Now try to connect externally! I use my phone and go over the cellular network for external testing. If everything is configured correctly it should connect and be able to launch applications & desktops remotely!

Horizon View 7 - Android Client

Coming Soon: Setup 2 Factor Authentication using Google Authenticator

Proceed to the next step:

VMware Horizon View 7: Create Desktop Template

2 thoughts on “VMware Horizon View 7: Setup Remote Access through Security Server [Part 5]”

  1. Hi Daniel,

    Thank you so much for doing a such a great job, I really like your guide. However, after following this step

    where I mirrored the connection server just like the security server, I could not access to admin console of view connection server anymore. When I launch https://viewconnection.lab.local/admin it returns failed with the screen not fully loaded. I tried with the IP of view connection server, I got same problem.

    I could access to view connection server only from its local.

    Could you please advise me how to pass by this error? Thank you.


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