VMware announces vSphere 6!!!

Today VMware announced vSphere 6 and will be accompanied with other releases such as vCloud Suite 6, Virtual SAN 6, and vSphere with Operations Manager. vSphere 6 has over 650 new features and innovations which makes this quite a release. There are many new amazing features to talk about so i’ll start easy with some of the key features with links for additional reading. Expect lots of vSphere 6 write ups in the near future 🙂

vSphere 6 –  New Maximums:

5.5 vs 6.0 Maximums

Few of my Favorite Features:

  • Infrastructure Controller (IC): Service that will provide the following functions:
    • Licensing
    • Certificate Store
    • Certificate Authority
    • Service Registration
    • Single Sign-On
  • Enchanted Web Client: Faster web client vs vSphere 5 (still isn’t HTML5)
  • vMotion Improvements:
    • Long Distance vMotion: Increased network latency tolerance from 10 ms to 100 ms
    • vMotion across vCenters: vMotion across data center and vCenter boundaries that vSphere 5 had.
    • vMotion across virtual switches: Basically enables the above, can vMotion across Virtual Standard Switch (vSS) and  Virtual Distributed Switches (vDSs).
  • Fault Tollerance: Now supports 4 vCPUs, up from 1 vCPU.
  • vVols (Virtual Volumes): New storage feature that allows virtual machines to interact with the storage directly without the need of VMFS LUNs.
  • Content Library: Centralized management for VM templates, virtual appliances, ISO images, and scripts. (Wooooot!!!!)
  • vCenter Appliance: Now has the same scalability numbers as the Windows installed vCenter: 1,000 hosts and 10,000 virtual machines. Also supports linked mode!! (Post coming soon on how to convert)

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