Deprecated VMFS volume(s) found on the host

One of my ESXi 6 hosts had the configuration issue message stating: “Deprecated VMFS volume(s) found on the host. please consider upgrading volume(s) to the latest version“. I only have two LUNs presented to my hosts and both are VMFS5:

Storage is VMFS

After some brief searching I found VMware KB article 2109735 which states the possible cause:

This issue occurs because at the time of initial detection, the version of the filesystem is not known. Therefore, comparing it against the list of valid filesystems does not return a match.

Looking through the hostd log I did find the entry mentioned in the KB article. It appears that after I renamed my StarWind LUN it did not report the filesystem to the host fast enough which caused the error to occur:

HOSTD Log Entry

The resolution was to restart the management agents on the host. I put the host in maintenance mode then restarted the management agents: restart

After the management services restarted the error cleared:

Error cleared

Leave comments below if you received this message and this KB article resolved your issue!


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  1. I’m seeing the same issue. This is quite the bug that slipped through into RTM and the first patch. I’m using and this bug is still present.
    Using 2x Dell R630 hosts and an MD3420 SAS SAN.

  2. make sure no jobs are running on that host. if a vm is being migrated during this process, it will orphan and potentially corrupt the machine

  3. For a fix follow my instruction only if the following are TRUE:
    1/ You are in a VCENTER Environment
    2/You Datastore is a SAN or NAS

    Log into the Vcenter Web
    Click Storage on the left pane
    Click the Datacenter Center on the left pane
    Click the Related Object Tab on the right pane
    Click on the sub-tab Datastores under Related Objects
    Right Click on Each Datastore and click Upgrade to VMFS5

    Then follow the instruction from Daniel and run “ restart” on SSH console thru Putty. By the way before you can SSH you need to Start SSH for each HOST for that you need to log into the Host thru Vsphere then click Configuration then Security Profile , click on the top right Properties link then select SSH then click option and then click start and OK.


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