Microsoft WMI – Invalid Class Error [0x80041010]

You can receive error 0x80041010 from multiple applications that call WMI. For my example it was received in SCCM while patches were being applied.

WMI - Configuration Manager Trace Log Error

No matter where you got the error the underlying issue is probably with WMI. Here is how to check!

Confirm WMI is Broken:

Launch the WMI MMC snapin by Start -> Run -> then enter WMIMGMT.MSC

Right click WMI Control (Local) and click Properties

WMI 1 - wmimgmt.msc

If WMI is working properly then it will show that Good Properties. If you see Invalid class then your WMI is not working correctly.


The first step is to download the Microsoft WMIDiag Tool. It will analyze WMI and give you a report with any issues it finds.

When you run the downloaded .EXE it will ask you where to extract the files. Once extracted right click the WMIDiag VBScript and click Open with Command Prompt

WMI 3 - WMIDiag Tool

Here is what the script looks like while it runs:

WMIDiag - Script Running

Once complete you will get a text file of the results. Here you should be able to narrow down the cause of your WMI issue. In my case there are issues with .MOF registrations.

WMI 4 - WMIDiag Results

Resolve MOF Registration Errors:

To resolve MOF Registration errors the following commands need to be ran from an elevated command prompt. It will reregister all .MOF files with WMI.

Here is what the command looks like while it runs:

WMI 5 - MOF Registration

Once finished check WMIMGMT.MSC to see if it is populating the Properties correctly.


40 thoughts on “Microsoft WMI – Invalid Class Error [0x80041010]”

  1. Thanks so much from a Windows admin noob. 80% of what I do is Linux or UNIX admin, but when things like this happen, people like me appreciate pages like this SO MUCH!

  2. I have a customer with our software on their Win 8 PC. Was getting this same error message. I googled it and came upon this site. I followed these instructions and it worked perfectly. THANK YOU!!!!

  3. Thank you SO MUCH for the detailed instructions! This worked like a charm and was MUCH better than the ‘instructions’ provided by my company.

  4. Found an old Win7 w/o SP1 (which was working great) of an customer. But now upgrade to Win10 was not possible. But the solution worked Pretty fine. Thanks a lot!

  5. Thanks this fixed my issue with configuration manager remote control onto a remote computer, and that remote computer not reporting to SCCM.

  6. That’s all well and good if you can boot into windows GUI, what if you can’t? I can’t get my brand new laptop with windows 10 to boot into the gui, I can use the command prompt to do some things. Seeing error code 0x80041010 after installing the iLok management software then Pro Tools 10 PACE iLok drivers… which prompted a restart and upon restarting the computer boot failure, blue screen of death. I’ve tried using command prompt to salvage and repair the winmgmt repository and repair the WMI doing the whole *MOFCOMP process. To no avail. I really don’t want to have to reinstall windows 10 on a brand new computer… I just bought an Acer Predator Helios 300 gaming laptop and was installing audio engineer softwares… this is why I liked using a WacBook pro for audio production, software installs were simpler and required far less restarts to finish and led to far less problems. Is there another way to repair the WMI functionality and or uninstall recently installed software from command prompt?

    • What version of windows are you running that this worked on Mec Mick? You have the newest post here and I am having WMI issues right now. The diagnostic tool is no longer available for download and I am on Windows 10 which from my understanding the tool doesn’t work for?

  7. What version of Windows are you using Mec Mick? The diagnostic tool is no longer available for download and I am running Windows 10 with an error. You have the most recent comments on here that says it worked for you. Could you provide any more information? I am pulling out my hair!


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