VMware VCSA 6: FSCK Failed on Boot

This past weekend I decided to do some rewiring of my home lab and  accidentally pulled the power to the host that my VCSA was running on. While booting my VCSA 6 was booting back up I received the following error:

VCSA Boot Error 1 - VCSA Boot Error

When I logged in and attempted to launch the BASH shell (shell.set –enabled True), I got a message saying unknown command. Turns out on this CLI you are not able to launch the BASH shell.

VCSA Boot Error 2 - Unknown Command

To launch the BASH shell reboot your VCSA by hitting CTRL+D. On the menu screen below hit the arrow up or down to stop the countdown. Then on the second option hit p and type your root password to unlock additional options.

VCSA Boot Error 3 - GRUB boot loader

Ensure the second line named kernel is selected then hit e to edit the line.

VCSA Boot Error 4 - Edit kernel line

Add the following to the very end of this screen then hit Enter:


VCSA Boot Error 5 - Boot Bash

Now hit b to boot the edited kernel line:

Note: This change is a one time thing. Once the VCSA is rebooted that line will not be there and will boot as normal. To boot back into BASH you will have to repeat the steps above.

VCSA Boot Error 6 - B to Boot

Once booted you can now run the fsck command to fix the troubled directory.

fsck /dev/sda3

For Connect to /lost+found<y>? enter Y

VCSA Boot Error 7 - Run fsck on failed directory

On the questions enter y to resolve any issues fsck finds. Once finished type reboot to let the VCSA boot normally.

VCSA Boot Error 8 - Reboot VCSA

fsck should have fixed your issues and VCSA should boot as normal!

VCSA Boot Error 9 - Back to normal

If this worked as advertised or had any further issues post below!

14 thoughts on “VMware VCSA 6: FSCK Failed on Boot”

  1. world needs people like you Even though I was frustrated and was ready to give up and create another vcenter.. and I came across this article
    My only question how did you get to this ? Appreciate it

  2. The reboot command is not recognized, not /sbin/reboot.
    ‘exit’ causes kernel panic 🙁
    I rebooted the machine via vm reboot


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